Monday, March 21, 2011

Moore and Farrakhan Come Out Against Obama

Ok, we have A.N.S.W.E.R., Michael Moore, and Louis Farrakhan on the Left criticizing the president over Libya.  So there's at least some consistency on the radical fringes.

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Cylarz said...

They probably think it's the Right which is confused and divided.

I can't bring myself to visit Huff-N-Puff or Kossacks or DUmmies...but I'd bet a nickel or three they're over there saying to each other, "The neocons must really have their panties in a wad right now. They never met a war they didn't like...but now they have to admit that if they're in favor of getting America militarily involved all over the place, it would put them on the same side as a (gasp) black president!

That's what they're probably saying now. What they don't realize is that the truth is far simpler - it's the Left, not the Right, which is divided.

Pretty much all of us over here opposed this from the get-go. (Forget the "exit strategy," I want to know what the entrance strategy was.)

Over there, however, they are torn between loyalty to President DumDum, or loyalty to "war is not the answer - it decides not who is right but who is left."