Friday, March 11, 2011

"Tightening the Noose?"

Obama says we're "tightening the noose" on Ghadaffi?

How ... violent.  I mean really.  We need to use a more civil tone.

In the words of most of our leftist friends .... "Libya didn't attack us."   What are we doing talking about no-fly zones and tightening nooses? 



Cylarz said...

More to the point, what are we doing talking about getting involved in Libya in the first place?

We don't know anything about his opposition, and in that part of the world, it always seems like the guy who overthrows the bad dictator and takes over, is even worse.

philmon said...

Surely the people who were loath to "get involved" (we had already been involved since 1991) in Iraq should want still less to "get involved" in Libya.

I was just making a bad joke about the language.

And of course, there's always Time Magazine's "Dead Man Walker" ...

The new tone. Coming to a ... oh, never mind ... near you.