Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of Bob's Better Efforts

This is one of Gagdad Bob's better efforts.  And that's sayin' something.

You've got to love the reference to your conscience as your "grumpass"... that grumpy-ass voice inside you that acts as your "compass", the "get off my lawn" voice that tells you to do or not to do what you were thinking about doing... when obeying it would not be the "fun" thing to do.

Here is something that I actually figured out by the 10th grade, out of the mouth of Godwin:
Note that the free market has a way of converting man's faults into virtues. Conversely, leftism has a way of turning our virtues into faults. 
And this I have discovered  much more recently:
Note that one of the most dreadful characteristics of the left is to externalize the conscience in the form of their endless proliferation of law. A fool or knave imagines that if he obeys "the law," this makes him a good citizen. But We can never count on a man who does not look upon himself with the look of an entomologist (Don Colacho). 
He then goes on to clarify:
I would say Adamologist. For if one doesn't get the gist of Adam, one's moral philosophy will be a jest.
Brilliant wordplay.

And this really applies to the "greedy" meme of the left:
 [...] to suggest that a man is "greedy" should be a banality of the first rank. The question is, what are you going to do about yourgreed? Make it go away by confiscating from those who have more than you? Envy, like evil, cannot be appeased. Rather, appeasing it fuels it. 
Anyway, it's a terrific read.

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