Thursday, March 17, 2011

You Lie Down With Dogs, You Get Up With Fleas

I was pumping gas yesterday.  It was a pleasant day, in the 60's.

Over by the building iteself was a woman sitting in a car. She had a sour look on her face. Windows down.  Stereo blaring.  About all I could make out was
"F*ck that b*tch"  "Kill that b*tch" "n*gga"  ...
Over and over and over .... The foul word to normal language ratio was probably approaching 50/50. It was an ugly sound with ugly words, and there she is, just steeping in it. Probably wondering why her life sucks.

You live day in and day out listening to that garbage, steeping in it like fabric in a dye bath ... it's gonna have an effect on you.


tim said...

Don’t be disrespecting her, Philmon, dat Ho gots to have sum respect. Ya’ know what I’m sayin’…Yo yo..

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you're a hater because you're not part of the "club" that gets to use words like that on each other. If you're in the "club," it's not demeaning, right?

Which makes want to add another word to the lyrics: "Bullsh*t".

Mark the wonder geek

philmon said...

She'd be way better off listening to 'Retha.

Cylarz said...

What I've never understood is how rap artists get away with writing this kind of misogynistic crap...and the likes of NOW never call them on it. (Kind of like how they didn't call Clinton his behavior either...)

On the contrary, the Left in general and the rest of the entertainment industry in particular, heap praise, awards, fame, and financial success on these "artists." The words they use, leave you wondering if they're talking about 2 Live Crew...or Vincent Van Gogh.

One final point - have you noticed that the people who listen to this garbage always seem to play it at peak volume, from cars that have stereo equipment worth more than the actual vehicle? And how people who do play their music loudly, seldom seem to be fans of country, jazz, or even classic rock?

Why is that? Is there something about offensive music which goes hand-in-hand with offensive ways of playing it? Sometimes it's so unpleasant, I can't even stand it for the duration of a red light.

In traffic, I always seem to be directly behind the 4x4 diesel pickup, and next to the shiny pimp-mobile full of rap enthusiasts. (On my other side will usually be a tricked-out pinstriped pickup bumping the carnival music with the accordions and Spanish lyrics. Welcome to California.)

I always like to say, "When you play filthy rap lyrics at peak means you're cool."

No. It's always freakin' rap and hip-hop.

jeffmon said...

We need more people driving down the streets in their pickup trucks with the Alan Parsons Project blaring through a speaker held out the window while shouting "Culture!!!....Refinement!!!"

philmon said...

Precisely, jeffmon!!! ;-)

I mean, seriously, though. "You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas" is a pretty decently well-founded warning.

Whereas "F*ck that b*tch", "Kill that b*tch" .... really isn't.

"You Lie Down With Dogs" basically says "we keep hangin' out with trash like us and we we'll get what we deserve. ('you're gonna catch somethin' but you do as you please')"

I know there are those out there who would scoff, and it's not exactly cocktail party or dinner music, but Alan Parsons had melody, harmony, and some thought-provoking lyrics. Thought provoking in an introspective kind of way, not thought-provoking as in "yeah, why DON'T I cap dat b*tch's fat booty?"