Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lines are Drawn

So former Missouri State congresswoman Vicki Hartzler (apparently running for U.S. Congress) now US Congressman from Missouri, as Jeffmon points out --  held a townhall meeting, pointing out that we're borrowing 42 cents for every dollar we spend in Washington.

Translation: We're in a heap of trouble and we'd better change our ways.

Our local state Congresswoman Mary Still's response:
"We need to make investments to move our state forward."
Translation:  Damn the torpedoes, the government needs to spend, spend, spend, we don't care where the money comes from -- until enough people are so dependent on the government that they demand Socialism.


Anonymous said...



BORROWING IS NOT AN INVESTMENT STRATEGY. It is the EXACT OPPOSITE of investment. If you're getting paid interest, you're an investor. If you are paying OUT interest, you are a borrower.

We elect these people? Holy flippin' hell.

Cylarz said...

Borrowing isn't an investment strategy, no.

Neither is taxation, for that matter. My government forcibly confiscating my income to spend as they see fit, doesn't seem quite the same as my buying stock or real estate for personal benefit.

jeffmon said...

Former Missouri State congresswoman Vicki Hartzler is now U.S. congresswoman Vicki Hartzler after defeating seventeen term U.S. congressman Ike Skelton (D) last fall.

Of course, Vicki is right, and Mary Still is an idiot. Or evil. Doesn't matter.

philmon said...

So SHE'S the one who beat Ike. Ok, cool. I couldn't quickly find anything but campaign sites and I didn't want to overstate her position.

Mary Still's response was lame ... that's all they've got. Engineered messages that mean nothing. "Forward" and it's twin "Progress" are highly subjective, and of course, the idea is that everybody will interpret them to mean what each individual wants it to mean.

But seriously, like the response to Johnny Carson's "It was so bad ..."


every time we hear "forward" or "progress", we should shout out


And don't get me started on investments.