Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are Evangelicals or University Professors More Irrational?

This was good.

Are Evangelicals or University Professors More Irrational?

I'm pretty much in full agreement with the author. The whole thing is pretty good ... here are a couple of quotes that stuck out:
With regard to those evangelicals -- and for that matter, those ultra-orthodox Jews -- who believe that Earth is less than 10,000 years old and that there either were no dinosaurs or that they lived alongside human beings, my reaction has always been: So what? I believe that Earth is many millions of years old, that "six days" is meant as six periods of time (the sun wasn't even created until the third day, so how could there have been any days before then?) and that dinosaurs preexisted man by millions of years.

But what real-life problem is caused by people who believe otherwise? Does it affect any of their important behaviors in life? Do they not take their children to doctors? Do they oppose medical research? Do they reject scientific discoveries that affect our lives? No. Not at all. Are there no evangelical or ultra-orthodox Jewish doctors? Of course there are, and apparently they are very comfortable learning and practicing science.

Compared to the many irrational beliefs of secular, leftist intellectuals -- good and evil exist even though there is no God; male and female are interchangeable; international institutions are the hope of mankind -- evangelical irrational beliefs are utterly benign.

This Jew will take the evangelicals' values and the evangelicals' America over those of left-wing intellectuals' any day of the year. If evangelicals come with some views I find irrational, that's a tiny price to pay compared to the price humanity has paid for the left's consistently broken moral compass...


Cylar said...

Oh goody - my favorite blog behavior. Some left-winger (or worse, a couple of them) getting smacked-down then moving the goalposts, going around and around and around with someone who's clearly got the upper hand on them, and otherwise refusing to concede the argument when he's clearly lost.

Reminds me a little of the Iraq War, actually. The capital was in coalition hands, the dictator had been put on trial and hanged, the local forces were standing up and moving about. The war should have been over, as the enemy had clearly lost. And yet it continued to fight and fight and resist.

Yeah, that's right. I just compared a couple of liberal trolls to the Ba'athist and Al Queda in Iraq. Yeah, I went there.

Whitehawk said...

Speaking as and evangelical... I appreciate the author's pat on the head but...

"...evangelical irrational beliefs are utterly benign."

And..."If evangelicals come with some views I find irrational"

Irrational according to Google means not logical or reasonable. In other words without any evidence to support it.

Before you judge us irrational for our views on a young earth have a look at the reasoning and evidence at some of these resources.



No one was around in the beginning recording scientific data, we concede, but the evidence is there to support our view.

Remember, the author is taking the interpretation of those same liberal elites on science yet condemning them on everything else. It is these same elites that brought us global warming.

I'm only asking that you have an honest look. Then you can call me/us irrational if you like.

philmon said...

Yeah, the point here is not to call the Christian Right "irrational". The point is that the lefty religious views are no more rational.

And the author is saying "so what if it is?" and I think poking a little at them with the blatant logical fallacy that the most hard-cor of them can believe that good and evil exist while at the same time not believing in a God.

This is not a slam on Christians. It's a slap on the cheek to the Religious Left.