Saturday, October 08, 2011

Spidey Sense

My Spidey Sense is tingling.  We've seen the Van Jones/MoveOn/Frances Piven/Labor Union "Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together" protests.  I've read Cloward and Piven's Strategy to End Poverty.  I've seen the protests, small and inane as they may be, in our town.

And yesterday on our way back from lunch, I noticed a guy walking down the street and to his car in this really weird mask.

One in our group recognized it as from a movie I've never seen called "V for Vendetta".  I didn't think much of the comment, as it is October and Halloween is approaching and I do live in a bit of an arty, hippy-dippy ... in many ways, College town.

Then I saw a video on YouTube today with someone with this mask on, claiming to be with this "Anonymous" movement I've heard of, vaguely, as a bunch of anarchist hackers.  Well I work in IT, so that's the angle I heard it from.  And I looked up some more videos.

They're a bit creepy.  Something's up, and it may be big.

During my forays, I noted that it is also referred to as a Guy Fawkes mask.

Guy Fawkes I did remember as some British revolutionary, and that there is a Guy Fawkes day, and I remembered that as I looked at the "Occupy Together" sign on the ground that said "Guy Fawkes News" ...

And then I saw a "turn off your facebook account day" as well ... which is Nov 5.  Which happens to be Guy Fawkes Day.

Now Guy Fawkes tried to be anonymous, until somebody outed him.  I think that's why the fascination with Guy Fawkes here.

Frankly, I don't care if people turn off their facebook accounts, but something seems to be fairly well orchestrated here, and that, as I said, combined with other things I know, makes my spidey sense tingle.  And not in a Chris Matthews/Barack Obama way.

If you've read Cloward and Piven, and indeed the things Cloward and Piven probably read (the history of fomented Socialist Revolutions) they need something.  They need two things.  Unrest, directed at "the status quo", and some violence to go with it.  They need it.  And they don't really care much who does it, it's just the crisis they need to bring in their populist and be "the solution" to "our problems".   And by "our" I mean we the original Forgotten Man (pre FDR).   They will sweep in and save society from this unrest and violence, if only we hand the reins of power to them.

It happened in Russia.  It happened in Cuba.  It's happened in many places.

But they need that violence, regardless of where it comes from.  Crisis.

They hoped the financial crisis would be enough to bring about this fundamental transformation, and indeed they did get their guy in there largely because of it.   But then the Tea Party happened.   So they looked to the Tea Party for it, and have, multiple times, tried to provoke violent responses from us  -- sending SEIU thugs to townhalls and Tea Party events, or the Congressional Black Caucus publicly marching through the presumed racists Tea Partiers in DC on their way to sign the Health Care Bill, or the very haughty march of Pelosi with her giant gavel, chin in the air, through the crowd..  But the Tea Party is largely made up of The Forgotten Man, and it didn't work.  We don't work that way.

Mean time, their guy in the White House is imploding, over half the states are suing over Obamacare, they lost their majority in the House and lost a bunch in the Senate and it's not looking good for them in 2012.

They passed some bold and unpopular, probably unconstitutional legislation using in-your-face sleazy tactics, and I think they thought two things would happen.  1) I think they really did think that The People would "come around" after they passed it, and 2) I think they didn't think it would matter because passed legislation is... 9/10 of the law ... whether its constitutional or not.  Or even good.

Have you ever noticed that a dying tree throws up a zillion shoots from the stump before it goes in an attempt to extend its existence?  I have observed it, and I've even seen it work.  Yeah, the tree almost has to start over except for its root system, but the same organism often survives,

I think the forces, the NGO's that got Obama elected are doing this, and this is the "Occupy Together" movement.  It is not only a fight for survival, but it is one designed to, they hope, bring about the unrest and violence they need (seriously, read the paper).   It's pretty clear.  The strategy extends to anything they want.

Now these people, the ones behind it, are not anarchists.   But they'll use anarchists.  And Democrats, and capital "L" Libertarians.  And students who want their loans forgiven, or free college, or "green energy" . And peaceniks and pot smokers and pretty much anybody who'll get out on the street and make a stink for any reason.  But they are Socialists, and by that I mean Marxists.   They want control, and of course, this time they'll get it right.  (You know, because the only reason Socialism hasn't worked is that the right people haven't been in charge, and They Are The People They've Been Waiting For).

Even so, they may not actually have enough together, and it might not work.  But there is a danger that it will.  However, it won't work if We the People don't freak out.  Because that's what the unrest and violence is supposed to accomplish.  We're supposed to freak out and demand that "someone" step in and fix it.

Well in America, the Government is Us, and hopefully enough of that attitude remains to ward off attempts at having someone else step in and ... "Fundamentally Transform" it by usurping that idea (all the while claiming that it was Democratic because we demanded it) -- imposing Socialism and the totalitarianism it always takes to enforce it.

So stay on your toes, peeps.  Keep your cool.  Know what you believe, and do not be afraid to defend it to your family, friends, and co-workers.

Above all, keep your cool, and let that coolness re-assure others around you.

We keep our cool, they lose.  Unless they start shooting at us.  Which is unlikely, I hope.

But if that happens, keep your cool that you may aim well, right back at them.


Cylar said...

I just finished reading a Wikipedia article about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. (Wikipedia is still useful for when a person wants to get a general overview of a subject, especially when the facts are generally undisputed.)

Fawkes was a Catholic and he wanted to blow up the Protestant King James (It may be the same James that sponsored the KJV of the Bible) and replace him with a Catholic monarch. He also was prepared to take out all the members of the House of Lords in the process, apparently.

Some say Fawkes was a hero, some say he was a terrorist. Be that as it may, even after reading your post I am scratching my head as to what in the hell he's got to do with any of this "Occupy Wall Street" crap OR with the Anonymous hacker group. Yeah, he tried to be "anonymous" by changing his name to Johnson...wouldn't you take an assumed name if you were part of a 13-man conspiracy to blow up a head of state and a bunch of other high-ranking politicians?

I mean, does Anonymous or OWS plan on revealing a plan to blow up the US Senate and/or the president? (You know, the one they helped elect?) I am not seeing what one has to do with the other.

I just want this OWS stuff to end. I want these people arrested, thrown in jail, tried, and given heavy fines w/ community service, or actual jail time as appropriate. Deface a public park and chant inane slogans...spend the next 80 weeks picking up garbage along the highway, I say.

philmon said...

I think it's just Anonymous Revolutionary ... and that's the extent of their association.

Their continued display, I think, is backfiring. The longer they do it the dumber they look to your average Joe.

Now if Van Jones et al can get them to start engaging in violence a la Cloward & Piven (Strategy to End Poverty In America) and get enough people upset to demand someone stop it, then watch out.

But as long as they're out there dropping litter, not bathing, looking like freaks and making observations like this one ...

I'm not too worried.

I'm in Columbia, MO, one of the most "Progressive" towns in Missouri ... and they can't usually even muster a dozen people in front of City Hall for "Occupy Columbia". Usually it's two or three. If you can't generate any more excitement than that in this liberal town, you are gaining zero traction.