Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Those Antarcticans Just Don't Care

Diane Sawyer of ABC says the OWS protests have spread to 250 cities and over a thousand countries.   Which I'm pretty sure means it must've spread to at least 5 other planets like ours, since we have just shy of 200 nation-states on this one (195?).

I imagine it's spread to all 57 states as well.   It's spread to "every continent except Antacrtica".

Those lazy, racist Antarcticans.  I hear the whole place is just covered in white.


philmon said...

I demand penguin diversity!

tim said...

Diane Sawyer makes @ 12/15 million and ABC laid off people last year.

Hmmm…maybe Diane should go down and hang out with the protesters, she obviously has a lot on common with them.

The sad part is they’d welcome her with open arms just like millionaire Michael Morre totally ignorant of the hypocrisy.