Sunday, October 09, 2011

Columbus Day

Ok, I just got steamed.  The truce with fb "TruceBoy" is off.  He called it off a couple of weeks ago by asking my opinion on a political subject.

And tonight, he posted this bit of Progressive Snark.

Oh, hee-hee, ho-ho, I didn't mean anything by it I just found it funny.


I've had it past my eyeballs with this.

And I'm afraid I had to open with both barrels on it.
Let's beat ourselves up over the fact this is pretty much how the entire human history of the world had been up to that point, probably since before we dropped from the trees. Let's also ignore the fact that native tribes did the exact same thing to each other before "we" ever got here.  There's not one place on the planet that wasn't taken from other people over the millennia, most of them multiple times.
Let's all get on the Critical Theory and deconstruction of Western Civilization bandwagon and show everybody how morally superior we are by tearing down 500 year old heroes and publicly flogging them so we'll all get the warm fuzzies from our college professors going on about the patriarchal heteronormative theocratic hegemony of the culture that brought you liberty and Constitutionally restrained government.  The idea that rights do not come from man or his agent, government.  That they pre-exist.
There's only two groups of people on the timeline with an unique claim to it.  The current occupants, and Clovis Man.


Severian said...

There's only two groups of people on the timeline with an unique claim to it. The current occupants, and Clovis Man.

Yeah, but Phil, you're "citing precedent" and "using logic," which we both know are phallogocentric tools of the heteronormative bourgeoisie.

Thoughtcrime, comrade... thoughtcrime. I'll have to report you to the proper authorities. And, of course, you fail Protest Studies forever.

philmon said...

Damn, even if I just audit the course? ;-)

Cylar said...

I saw this same sticker posted over at the website for the "Bizarro" comic strip. It's drawn by a man named Dan Piraro. I had no idea the guy was such a screaming atheist and liberal.

I left a few choice comments on his page. And on Columbus Day, I myself got into a bit of a debate with a FB friend over Columbus. Interestingly, her gripe with the man was not "what he did to the Indians," but rather that "her ancestors, the Vikings," had colonized North America 500 years earlier.

Naturally, I pointed out that the Vikings' arrival in Canada around 1000 AD tends to be glossed over, probably for three good reasons:

A) The Viking settlements were eventually abandoned; the colonists died or went back to Scandinavia after a period of time

B) The rest of Europe didn't find out about the Americas until Columbus; for some reason the Vikings didn't bother to tell anyone else what they had found. If they had, the kings of England and France would have been climbing all over each other to build fleets to sail across the north Atlantic and investigate reports of this new land, for themselves

C) It's easier to pronounce "Christopher Columbus" than it is to pronounce "Bjarni Hjrroffolson" or whatever the hell his name was.

philmon said...

And answer "C" goes to Cylarz for the win!!!! (ROTFL)