Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hank vs Madonna

Madonna flashes flashes images of Hitler, Mugabe, and McCain together at a concert during the 2008 election. She's tapped to play the Superbowl halftime this year.

Hank Jr. makes a metaphor about polar opposites pretending to be friends, and he's booted off his Monday Night football theme gig.

But there's NO bias in the media. Of course not.


tim said...

OK, first you’ll get no argument from me about the NFL’s constant hypocrisy. But, ESPN is not the NFL, Hank Jr. is an idiot and that song needed to go 10 years ago.

Plus ESPN isn’t the media. Sports media but that’s a different subject and not what could be referred to in regard to a “liberal media bias”.

For the life of me I cannot understand the defending of Hank Jr. The only sentence he could string together into something coherent was the Hitler analogy. And even then…

Put the pipe down Hank and it may indeed be 5 o’clock somewhere maybe you should wait till…I dunn’o..maybe noon before imbibing. At least when you have to go on TV.

And why the freak is he even on F & F’s? Seriously, when has this dude demonstrated the ability to talk intelligently about anything much less politics. I saw him on a hunting show once and he could hardly express a thought in a manner that resembled something on the smart scale.

philmon said...

True, NFL is not ESPN nor vice-versa.

On the other hand, ESPN is indeed the media. Owned and operated by Disney/ABC.

Hank may not be eloquent. And Fox & Friends is mainly an entertainment show with some news smattered in there. To get ratings, they have celebrity guests, and when they're conservative they'll usually poke them on politics.

Most F&F morning panels are a joke, and I really roll my eyes at some of them.

Severian said...

I'd actually argue that ESPN is more influential, culturally, than the rest of the media.

If you don't care about politics, you don't watch, say, Chris Matthews, so you miss all the obvious bias. But lots of folks who don't watch Matthews DO watch ESPN, so when ESPN veers into politics, it's often the only exposure non-political people get.

And what do they see? Conservatives getting fired, and raked over the coals, for sentiments that wouldn't even rate a comment if liberals said them.

None of this should be construed as a "defense" of Hank Williams Jr., by the way -- I could care less about that guy. But selective outrage is one of the key components of media bias, and right here we're seeing a truckload. Williams Jr. says something stupid about Hitler + Obama? He's the worst person in the world, and ESPN orchestrates a two minutes' hate. Madonna says something stupid about Hitler + McCain? She gets beamed into 2 billion homes on the biggest stage on the planet.

philmon said...

Yes, as always, "it's the double standard, stupid".

I mean as far as defending Hank. Hank doesn't come off as a deep thinker. Which doesn't mean he is or isn't, but he doesn't come off that way.

Still, if you watch the video, I will go ahead and defend him as to this:

He was not calling Obama "Hitler". He was saying that Boehner playing golf with Obama is Hitler playing Netanyahu. Not because one is one and the other is the other, but because they are polar opposites who can't stand each other and pretending to play nice like playing golf together is just stupid -- which was his point all along.

I mean, really, if he was calling someone "Hitler" anyway (which he wasn't), why the assumption that it wasn't Boehner, mmmmm? I mean, that's what they would assume if one of their peeps would've said it, and they'd've been cool with it.

I saw no outrage from them when direct comparisons and reflexive definitions were being made about Bush.