Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Like Another Hole In the Head

Saw this on our local affiliate's fb page yesterday.

Next thing you know they'll require a little audio device like in those talking greeting cards that activates when you pick up the bottle and gives you the nutrition information in 17 different languages, of course, adding cost to the price of a gallon of milk and lots more batteries in our landfills, but hey! People can't be trusted to look for the information themselves.

I know, here's a "jobs" program!!!! Each grocery aisle should have 3 nutrtion readers per aisle. The Nutrition Readers Union will require that you request an item off the shelf, and then they read you the nutrition information to you so that you can decide - wait, did I say "decide"? What was I thinking?

We should all just be required to hire nutrition agents to do our grocery shopping for us, for, let's say, a 15% commission? Well wait, they'll need to have degrees in dietary science first, and they'll need to pay off those student loans, so a 25% commission.

But the poorer among us won't be able to afford the new higher cost, so we'll need to subsidize that, too, so 30%. After all, everybody eats healthy if we "spread the butter around."

Another "problem" solved by government! Whew! Glad we dodged that disaster!

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