Sunday, February 10, 2008


Morgan has some insightful things to say about where we are today. Morgan's usually full of insightful things to say, so this is really not a surprise to me. But yesterday he posted something that contained a substantial bit of what he does best -- and that would be seeing the absurd for what it is and pointing it out in straight, plain English.

I've not made my mind up about McCain -- I plan on looking seriously into the allegations against him and making up my own mind. Even if I decide to vote for him, and I likely will... it doesn't mean Morgan's wrong. I respect his position on that and -- the rest of the post really only backs up his position. The "Irony Is..." part of the post is what really sticks out. It's about halfway through, a bit up from the picture of the girl in the Hooters getup.

In order for the "Voting Outside The Lines" to work, a critical mass must be reached, so we need to keep the Convention vs Irony argument going.

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