Monday, February 04, 2008

Things I Know #17

This weekend we were discussing how it is decided which murders (Holloway, Peterson, Jon Bennett, etc) of the various murders and disappearances that happen across the country get picked for national exposure and the subsequent daily ad-nauseum over-analysis and re-analysis.

And someone [white, progressive] immediately blurted out:
Rich, White America decides.

It kind of reminds me of an observation my friend Lawrence of Academia made when he noted:
[it's] almost as if the condemnation is universal and as if expressing contempt is a mantra that shows one's intelligence and morality.

It is sort of like they expect the sentiment to be reassuringly echoed back to them. Speakin' truth to power and all.

Which got me to thinking about what I'm seeing right before my eyes here in America. There is a populist movement afoot that leverages moral preening and class warfare to catapult people like Hillary-McCain-Obama in to power.
It's all their fault. Let's get rid of them. I'll stick it to them. I'll save you. And you shall be the chosen. You shall be the agents of change.
Stalin. Castro. Hitler. Che. et. al.

Which leads us to Things I Know # 17.

17. In the last 200 years, at least, tyrants typically come to power via popular support from people who buy a "class warfare" world view. This view is marketed and sold by the tyrants who wish to be in power.

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