Thursday, February 28, 2008

McCain vs Obama

Hillary's nosedive looks to have reached the point of no return, and this morning I heard the first direct supposed "tit for tat" soundbyte skirmish between McCain & Obama.

McCain says he's not going to pull us out of Iraq until it's stable, that if we do this prematurely Al Queda will not only set up bases in Iraq, it will take over Iraq and all of its resources.

An assessment of the current situation, an articulation of what we might expect if we pick door #2 instead of door #1, and his reason for picking door #1.

Obama "fires" back that there was no Al Queda in Iraq before McCain & Bush (& Clinton & Kerry & Reid et al) took us in to Iraq. The crowd cheers.

Ok, so the Monday Morning Quarterback says it was a mistake, and a lot of people agree. Many of those who agreed didn't agree back in 2002/2003, but they do now. But where does that get us?

You and a passenger are travelling somewhere and your car goes off the road, falls, and is precariously balanced between a tree and a piece of rock. Your passenger had advised you to slow down, you didn't, now you're both hanging from a tree.

You assess the situation and decide on a plan of action to get you both out of this predicament alive.

Your passenger reminds you that he thought you should've slowed down.

How does that help you get out of the car and out to safety?

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