Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The McCain Prospect

Long ago I said that I'd vote, in the general election, for whichever Republican candidate won the nomination. Not because I am a Republican -- I refuse to choose a party allegiance. But because any of the Republican candidates, based on the issues, are preferable to me over any of the Democrats.

I respect Morgan's point of view. But I have a different one. It's one of hope. Still, Morgan may be right in the end. My hope may be a desparate, false hope.

With McCain, I get support for the mission in Iraq and support for the second amendment, two of my top issues. He's not for a mandated Universal Health Care scheme, although he may be for some things that would effectively lay more groundwork for it. I don't like McCain's stance on illegal immigrants, and I don't like his embrace of the AGW fraud. Both are dangerous. McCain-Feingold is a stupid law which should be repealed, but it doesn't figure prominently in my thoughts. He wants to regulate nicotine. Don't like that infringement on liberty. Don't like it at all.

Since McCain, Obama, and Clinton are all senators, you can actually go get actual, factual info on them out here.

I'm thinking along the lines of a punt in football. I give "them" the ball, but I set them back a ways in the hope that I can keep them from getting very far with it before we can put our team back in.

(and "our team" needs a good locker-room chewin' out as it is)

Morgan is thinking of dropping to the knee and handing the ball to "them" for all to see how they operate and just how far they're willing to go to advance socialism and facist control over every aspect of our lives. Then the crowd will boo them off the field.

Either one might work. Is it time for the coin toss?

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