Monday, June 22, 2009

Apologies all around

More linky goodness. Seems to be my lot in life the last few days. But this guy nails well what my buddy Mark hit on a few weeks ago.

Here is the great rub in any discussion of America and slavery: Of course slavery is wrong. But if America should apologize for slavery, should not the rest of the world as well?

The rest of world — from Africa to South America to Asia to Europe — took part in slavery, and slavery continues to exist in some of those places today. But America was the first regime founded upon the principle of natural equality, the only principle by which slavery can be rejected as a genuine wrong.

Unlike the rest of the world, America was destined to a conflict over slavery not because America's founding principles are bad, but precisely because they are good. To paraphrase Lincoln's second inaugural address, slavery in America would cause blood to be drawn either by the sword or the lash.
About time we wrest control of the conversation about the character of our country back from the apologists. In more areas than this one.

Meantime these clowns in Congress engage in what amounts to self-congratulating moral masturbation while the country burns to the ground around them.

About that they spend with one hand and point with the other. "But Bush! But Neocons! But ... But Halliburton!!!!!! Hey, look! We apologized for Slaaaaavery! Again."

Oh well. Perhaps the Democrats have a collectively guilty conscience.

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