Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pimp My White Mayor

So ... I'm watching (not a normal show for me to watch, but the wife has it on) ... "Pimp My Ride". Sounds kinda fun. Gonna fix up an old Chevy Malibu that needs it in a bad way.

Host goes to meet the guy who won the ride pimpin' ... guy's workin', in school. Seems like a nice enough guy. Kinda funny. Well enough spoken, forgiving the "mutha-f****" he said to the camera that they had to bleep out.

The host gets to chatting with him about the small Southern California town they live in out in the Mojave desert. Asks what's the mayor like.

I have not mentioned it to this point, but both the host and the winner of the pimpin' happen to be black.

What's the educated, or getting educated young black man answer?



Imagine if the races were reversed. The uproar. The outrage. The firings. The sponsorships dropping. Sotomayor fans, this is the stuff we're talking about.

Martin Luther King, Jr. looked forward to a day when a man would be judged not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

Looks like we have a ways to go. MLK Jr. would shake his head in sorrow and disgust. Not even talkin' the talk, much less walkin' the walk.

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