Thursday, June 11, 2009

What will you do? What WILL you DO?

(from a Karl Malden American Express commercial ca 1980.)

I heard the audio of this on the radio yesterday. At a press conference yesterday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs repeatedly refused to answer questions pertaining to whether or not Gitmo detainees would be released if found not guilty.

Maybe, just maybe ... Gitmo was well thought out after all, and Bush wasn't just rounding up innocent brown-skinned civilians he didn't like and holding them forever like the evil "dictator" he supposedly was. Perhaps the options with respect to what to do with these people was actually thought out by the Bush Administration. It doesn't appear to have been thought out by the Obama administration. Just close it. It's Evil™ . BushHitlerCheneyHalliburton™.

Handled nicely by Ed Morrisey over at Hot Air.

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