Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Broad Support for Government Run Free Healthcare

From yesterday's news .
A commanding 85 percent of Americans want "fundamental changes" in American health care, according to a recent New York Times-CBS News poll.
Which is about as meaningful as saying that 85% of Americans want something "different" for dinner. It doesn't tell us what they want for dinner. And rest assured, they don't all want the same thing.

This is how politics works. You use really vague language to justify cramming your plan down everyone's throats.

It might have something to do with the fact that the media has been telling us how horrible our health care system is for so long even though the same poll shows us that 77% of us are happy with it. Which is more than are in favor of a "government run health care option".

72% are in favor of a government run health care "option". But only 57% are "willing" to pay higher taxes to make that happen. When you start specifying a dollar amount, $500 a year ($42 a month) ... that number drops to 43%.

So when it's free, there's broad support. When it's not free, but you don't specify a price, that support is much less broad. And when you specify an annual amount that is lower than a lot of families monthly insurance premiums, less than half want to do it anymore.

Socialism. It works until you run out of other peoples' money. And this is why.

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