Friday, June 05, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

So I'm putzing around at Morgan's place, as the three of you regular readers know I often do... and it's not just for the bikinis and Hooters girls ;-)

And I see this cathartic post. And my response turned into the post you are about to read if I haven't scared you away already.

This post is a lot of fun, and I ran out of rotten vegetables by #12, not realizing I was going to have to ration them.

Thank goodness this is a virtual medium and I was just able to copy and paste more virtual spoiled produce, much like the Government has done with our money supply ... but I digress.

I read this one:
12. Feminists who reply, without a trace of reservation, that yes there is something sexist about a gentleman holding a door open for a lady.
and, combined with a few other things I've seen and read and thought about over the past few days, I had a flash of insight.

Progressives are supposed to be all over "multiculturalism" like white on rice (Whoops! Sorry. Slipped there. I'll try to be more careful. I've insulted brown rice and wild rice everywhere. Even though wild rice isn't technically rice. How can I even say that about wild rice? I know. I'm a ricist. ... Well, this could get old, fast).

Think about it. In my culture, we have a reverence for women and hold them in a special place. We open doors for them. That is my culture. And in a truly respectful multi-cultural environment, the one the Progressives say they want ... the action would be met with "oh, isn't that a neat expression of respect his culture gives women?" and that would be that. The woman would walk through the door, and everybody would smile and go on with their day.

But what's really going on here ... why we can't do that particularly if we're white males ... is that we have been claimed as a part of the Progressive's "culture"... in other words, the rules they are making for their culture are to apply to us as well. We are seen as theirs to dictate to. Christianity is not really tolerable because they are trying to eradicate it from their culture, and they see it as theirs to eradicate. Marriage is theirs to re-define, see?

So as long as we're not obviously from another country, particularly one where a different language is primarily spoken, or a different religion is prominent, or has a different predominant racial makeup ... we are to behave as if we were a part of the Progressive culture, the new society they are trying to create. They will show deference to the groups I just mentioned to show everyone how magnanimous and tolerant they are of "diversity" as they define it, but at some level it's a kind of condescension -- "oh, look, isn't that quaint that 'they' do it 'that way'". It is, in effect, the elitism they crave deep down. It's "Goodperson Fever" (as Morgan dubbed it) all over again. Goodperson Fever is really a symptom of elitist disease. "Look how tolerant I am. Of them. Not you. You need to behave as I do. I am better than you. But not better than them. Which is what makes me better than them. Even though I'm not. And you. For not being like me.

Which makes their behavior indistinguishable from the self-righteous religious zealotry they purportedly hate.

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