Sunday, July 05, 2009

Are We Hosed?

Two of my favorite opinion writers hail from north of the border. Both apparently love America a lot more than a lot of progressives even pretend to.

This is a sobering assessment
from David Warren of the Ottowa Citizen.

How can Americans fight this?

I don't think they can. For not only has the Democrat party - committed in the main to the "second American revolution" I began to sketch above - control of the White House and both Houses. The Republican party is pulling itself apart. Only half of it is willing to fight: the other half thinks the only way back to power is to accommodate this revolution.

Frankly, I think the harassing lawsuits and legal bills had much to do with Palin resigning, but I think this is really the crux of it.

The half that is willing to fight are involved in the Tea Party movement, and are probably "r"epublicans rather than "R"epublicans. And that half really has no leader, although I'd say most probably look to Sarah Palin for at least some of their inspiration. It's these people that made her campaign rallies bigger than Obama's at some of the same venues.

I'm not quite sure what Mrs. Palin has in mind. To take her at her word, she's not interested in running for office, higher or otherwise. And that may be true right now, and not true later. But I think as she said there are other ways to lead, and she likes speaking. And people like to hear her speak. Sounds like a match made in capitalism heaven. And the message she's selling is the right one, or at least solidly on the right track in my opinion. So more power to her.

To fight what David Warren is talking about will take real grassroots people, not politicians. Only a strong, loud, unified voice from a large part of the population will change those politicians, or which politicians get elected. Which is why I also begun to speak, firmly but politely -- on these issues to awaken some of the lemmings following the progressive leaders' movements. Most of them aren't deep thinkers. They're just following the people they perceive are the deep thinkers. We need to change their perception.

This is what Glenn Beck is trying to do with his re-incarnated version of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense", and his tour this summer. I think that's what Palin is hoping to do on a larger scale, if only by inspiring the rest of us to do what some of us little people have started to do.

I guess it's an ounce of "Hope" for "Change" ;-) But it's going to take more than us "Hoping". We're going to have to work for change. Heh. In more ways than one.

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