Monday, July 06, 2009

The Party of Hate™

Andrew Brietbart has a nicely worded summary of what we've witnessed with regard to Sarah Palin since last October ... using No Go Maureen Dowd's most recent spate of name-calling as a platform.

Exposed in the relentless Palin attacks is not just political bias, but unmitigated class bias. The American mainstream media in its current free-fall is begging for more comeuppance when it continues to berate the values and lifestyles of the folks in flyover country who in simpler times used to be considered valued customers.

While "empathy" and "tolerance" may be liberalism's highest values, Miss Dowd offers her conservative victims none. They are caricatured, demeaned and dehumanized. They are to be mocked and ridiculed to the point where the other students point and laugh. The MoDo template is so simple and repetitive it could be written into a software program.
I don't think we'll be hearing much more from Palin until after her last day in office. Then she'll probably expound. My guess is that she is honestly protecting her family, doing right by her state by getting out of the way -- the barrage of firepower from the Left was interfering with her job, and she could no longer govern the way she was elected to govern before extraordinary events decended upon her last fall. Plus I'm sure she has another role for herself in mind, it's just not clear what that is. My hunch? Still the Public Speaking circuit.

So it's official. I subscribed to Twitter ... to follow her Twitter feed.

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