Monday, July 06, 2009

Confirming my suspcions

  • You've got rabid lies about the "real mother" of her son Trig
  • You've got Katie Couric getting snippy with her on national TV as she dug for damning soundbites
  • You've got Matt Lauer's Charles Gibson's condescending interview looking over his glasses
  • You've got jealous Republicans stabbing her in the back
  • You've got David Letterman casually calling you a slut and joking about your daughter's sex life
  • You've got $500,000 in legal defense expenses defending herself against frivolous lawsuits, none of which has stuck except by harassing her and putting her half a million dollars in debt.
  • You've got the recent Vanity Fair article ...
But did you hear about the firebombing of her Church ... the doors ... with people inside?

If I were a parent I think I just might be worried about my kids -- just a little.

I have one progressive family member who often asks why Conservatives (Limbaugh, Coulter) have to be so "mean". As if her side is all angelic peaceniks.

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