Sunday, July 19, 2009

Democrats aren't about rational discussion

See, it's not just you arguing with your friends and co-workers. With progressives, it's not about rational discussion. Never has been. This from a good article by CNN's lovely Gloria Borger.

... back in 1987, when Judge Robert Bork came before the Senate Judiciary Committee, he did answer questions. He also came with a long, scholarly record that outlined an obviously conservative judicial philosophy. He lost. And he lost ugly.

Looking back, Bork told CNN's Campbell Brown this week, his honest approach was a big mistake.

"I think I could have been more intelligent in my approach and more aware of what was taking place," he said. "I kept responding to questions as if it was a rational discussion, which it wasn't. I think I would have taken that into account more if I were to do it over again."

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