Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A SotomaObservation (an observation)

Sonia has had time to work on her story, and all she cold come up with was something along the lines of it was a rhetorical flourish gone wrong.

It went so spectacularly wrong that she used it several other times in prepared speeches to hoards of people -- because, of course, that's what you want in a Supreme Court Apointee. Good judgement. "Hey, I shouldn't have said that, that went wrong." Followed by "Oops, I did it again ... and again ... and again ... and again."

No, she believes what she said, or it wouldn't have come up so much.

But following in the recent American tradition of completely ignoring candidates' records and associations and rhetoric and going ahead and putting them in office anyway to do as they please ... she should obviously be approved immediately.

She's a trojan horse, just like Obama.

The Alinsky-ites have bubbled to the top of our system. It's only over if we let it be over. Wake Up, America.

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