Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worth Paying Attention To

Remember the reciporical conceal and carry vote I mentioned the other day?

This isn't the first place I've read this, either (read it here, too) -- it turns out that there was way more than met the eye. It was all a cynical ruse, apparently.

This is the kind of politics that has got to stop.

I went out to DownsizeDC.org and sent my congresscritters my thoughts not only on the Read The Bills Act, but also the One Subject At A Time Act.

I reccomend you use that site. It does better than send emails to the congresscritters-- it actually takes your input and fills out the web forms on their websites. You fill out one form, it fills out all of your representatives' forms. Heh. "Representatives". If only.

Public pressure does help, but they won't hear you talking about it around the water cooler.

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