Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "I'd Like To Buy Lucia Whalen a Beer" Campaign

I know. I probably can't actually buy her a beer.

But Roger Simon makes an excellent point about this. She saw what looked like someone trying to break in to her neighbor's house. So she called the cops, like a thoughtful, responsible citizen.

Fortunately, she says after much reflection she'd do it again. But how many people will at least think twice about it now?
Woah, someone's trying to break into my neighbor's house. Now let me think... do I know that neighbor? Is he black? Maybe I'd better not call if he's black. Wouldn't want to run the risk of being accused of being a racist. Best just let them take what they want, or kill who they want.
Which actually, if you're black -- this should give you some pause. People might not call the cops to check out suspicious activity at your house now. Matter of fact, if you're white, make sure all your neighbors know you're white so that if they do see suspicious activity around your house, they'll be less afraid to call the cops. Unless, of course, it's black people trying to break into your house. Because you wouldn't want your neighbor to have to try to accurately describe them. Because mentioning their race would be ... well, racist. Unless they were white. Then it wouldn't be. You do see how this works, don't you? Do try to keep up.

Post this graphic if you'd like to buy Lucia a beer! (hey, people get virtual beers on facebook all the time.)

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