Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I Know #24

Conspiracy, or not a conspiracy?
24. Progressivism isn't a conspiracy. It's more like a virus.
If you know me at all, you know I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories. Yes to Glenn Beck (who agrees with me), and no to Alex Jones (who is a flippin' nut). But we often talk about progressivism as though it is. This is because in some ways it behaves like a conspiracy. There appears to be a concerted, organized effort pushing the country, the world ... in that direction. But it's only because so many people exhibit the same symptoms, and those symptoms include zealous activism. That zealous activism leads to formations of many groups all pushing pretty much the same ideas.

If only they put their zealous efforts into organizations that actually, you know, helped people -- rather than trying to hijack everyone else's money and behavior to help the people they say they want helped in the way they see fit (which is forcing their morals on everyone else -- something they claim to despise).... that would do far more good. And ... they'd have to help far fewer people.

Ideas are like viruses in many ways. And of course lots of ideas are good ideas. The danger in progressivism is that it masquerades as a benevolent virus, but it ultimately destroys the host.

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