Wednesday, October 06, 2010



Seen in a comment on a YouTube video of Ella Mae Morse doing "Cow Cow Boogie".

Apparently some guy who has a constant problem with "White" people performing a "Black" art form (oh, the irony there) ,.. to which a couple of replies came:
(1) The fact that this song may be referring to a Black Cowboy from Harlem, does not create a racial issue,nor occasion dragging all manner of racial baggage into the enjoyment of this song.

(2) Ha Ha Ha! Looks like your Race Card, has been swiped & declined! Sorry, it just doesn't impress anymore! LMAO!
It's the second one, the response to the first one that cracked me up. May have to save that one for future use.

In a further irony, the song was written by white people.  So, we have white people upset that white people are performing a song written by white people because jazz came out of a black music tradition and, I don't know, white people aren't qualified to perform it .. er somethin'.  But of course, we're post-racial now, and we judge men by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.


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