Friday, October 15, 2010

Open letter to Christine O'Donnell

When people who believe in our constitution are asked what programs we would cut, the asker is not interested in hearing our solution to excessive government spending. He is trying to create a sound bite to play to voters that will prevent you from winning office.

Sharron Angle wants to kill Social Security! Sound familiar? Now she's "backing off", even though killing Social Security is the right thing to do.

The right way to answer is to say something like the following:

"I want to gradually, methodically eliminate all government activity that enslaves citizens to the government. When money is taken by force from people who earn it and is given to those who don't (either by choice or circumstance), both groups are enslaved. While the enslavement of the first group is obvious, some people have difficulty understanding how the second group is enslaved. They are essentially forced to vote for representatives who will continue their payments, and must take whatever other distasteful policies that come with these representatives in order to maintain their livelihood. This perverts a republican government."

"In no way do I want the truly unfortunate to be left to suffer. I want them to be helped, but the constitution does not allow that help to come from the federal government. Americans are the most generous and caring people in the world, and we do not need coercion to help those who need it."

Good luck getting that out before the questioner tries to change the subject.


philmon said...

Well said, Jeffmon. And this advice isn't just for Miss O'Donnell (hey ... I recall that as a teacher's name back in Brownsburg, IN in the early 70's) ... it goes for all truly fiscally and Constitutionally conservative candidates across the board.

Linda McMahon ... she got it right a week or so ago. Quick, to the point answer, no apologies.

jeffmon said...

I thought Miss O'Donnell was at St. Francis Borgia in Washington, MO...

philmon said...

That's right! The French Teacher!