Monday, October 11, 2010

It's all they've got

The DNC is running an ad now accusing "The Bush Crowd" of "Stealing our Democracy".  See, it "appears" (with no evidence to back it up provided) that the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau is taking foriegn money and funnelling it into Republican coffers.  [Although, if we're all citizens of the world and all, wouldn't that be appropriate anyway?]  Didn't Obama campaign in Europe? 

And not that I'm excusing foriegn donations, but ... does anyone remember this?  Or this?

The perpeutal Obama Campaign is a broken record.  We're going to fundamentally transform America, which we love. Change.  But don't ask specifics. Just look at Bush.  Bush is BAD.  BAD Bush!  Wad'n't 'e bad?  Well, all of our opponents?  They're Bush.  Yeah, we passed the Health Care bill you hate.  And we're not talking about it.  We're talking about Bush.  'Cause he's bad.

You know how the movie "Up" pegged dogs so well? I think they're hoping "Bush!" works on voters like "Squirrel!" works on dogs.

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