Monday, October 11, 2010

A few O'Rourke Quotes

From his interview on Dennis Miller last friday:

[on government telling you what you can't buy with food stamps, among other things]
"If you give your power to the political system, the political system will take that power and they will use it on you."
[on the "Ground Zero" Mosque]

To me it was like building the U.S. Cavalry Museum at Wounded Knee.  No matter how tasteful the presentation, no matter how sensitive to the feeling of the Native Americans it was gonna be, it would just sort of be in -- bad taste.
[and about elections]
We need a new ballot system where 'None of the Above' would be a valid [choice] and 'none of the above' would actually clear the chalkboard where everybody who had run, if 'None of the Above' won, none of these people could run again. They'd have to start all over again.
He was plugging his book "Don't Vote -- It Just Encourages the Bastards"

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