Thursday, October 21, 2010

Politically Correct? We'll show you Politically Correct!!!!

In a monumental display of irony, NPR fired Juan Williams yesterday over the example he used to make point on political correctness.

I’ve disagreed with Juan on a lot of things. And agreed with him on a few.  He's right, here.

And NPR re-enforced his point in a profound way.

This has finally lit the fire under my arse to go discontinue my monthly support for our local NPR station.  Should have done it years ago.  If they ask me why, I'll say it's over the firing of Juan Williams.

Update:  In a breathtaking display of arrogance, NPR's CEO says Juan's views should stay between him and his psychiatrist.

Another way of saying anyone who disagrees with your worldview is mentally unstable. Just as our illustrious president blames the current backlash on people "not thinking straight". 

I sense a pattern here.  Re-education camps, anyone?

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philmon said...

'course, I might wanna be careful about that, since it's payroll deduction and the station is run by my employer. Maybe I should just terminate the support and leave it at that, with no comment on Juan.

Or maybe I could say it was racist for them to fire Juan, because he's black.