Monday, October 25, 2010

We Don't Need Your Stinkin' Permission

At a political debate sponsored by the league of women voters, the sponsors got ambushed – this is the Left getting some of their own medicine.

At the beginning, an audience member asks if they are going to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  The moderator says “No” (emphatically, with an authoritarian tone).  Upon hearing the audience reaction, which I’m sure took her aback because in their little bubble, they assume everyone agrees with them – she backpedals … some, but still tries firmly to squelch the request.  She tries to convince them that hey, she doesn't have a problem with the Pledge one way or another -- but her tone and emphatic denial betrays her. 

The audience just takes over, and good for them.  This is America.  We don’t do as we’re told, and we don’t need your damned permission to say the Pledge.  This is political activism, the kind we should engage in to show our self-appointed leaders who is in charge here.

I understand video cameras had been banned from the debate.  In this day and age of video cell phones, you can’t hide!  This is one reason why the first amendment is so important!  (yes, I understand this is a privately put on event and they have the right to request that ... but I file this under whistle-blower citizen journalism.  Just because it's not the New York Times doing it doesn't mean it isn't.)

More audio in this video -- what a smug, arrogant ... bitch, sorry, that's the best word for it. Methinks she protesteth too much.  She clearly does have a problem with it.  And the debate, and the election is not about you, lady, I don't care if you are putting it on.  Your protests are transparent.  If you don't have a problem with it, why not do what is usually done when someone makes such a suggestion, and say "ok, let's do it."  Unless, for some reason ... you don't have any such allegiance.
I find this to be part of a disturbing pattern.  There was Obama not holding his hand over his heart as is customary during the pledge during the campaign.  His subtle dropping of the American Flag lapel pin until he was pressured back in to wearing it.  The dropping of certain phrases, like "by their creator" from the Declaration of Independence verbiage. First time Michelle was proud of her country was when her husband was nominated.  We've seen displays of the flag and recitation of the pledge banned in several schools, or wearing of clothing expressing pride in America punished when other children are wearing clothing expressing pride in their ... non-American ... countries.   IN AMERICA.  IN AMERICAN SCHOOLS.  There's more.  And each, taken by itself -- is not alarming.  But as I said, this is a pattern, and it's undeniable, and it is alarming.

These people on the Left do NOT like America.  Which is why they want to Fundamentally Transform it.

These people are not representative of you and me -- and they think they know better and should be allowed to just impose their new culture on us for our own good.

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Whitehawk said...

What a breath of fresh air! These simple things that bind us together as a free nation are so important.

It is inspiring to me see other Americans who understand and believe in AMERICAN freedom.