Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Obama Admin Goes After Tea Party Seniors

Saw a blatant, bald faced ad starrng Andy Griffith a week or so ago that gave me pause.  And I've seen it a few times since, plus another, new one starring someone else.  And I heard a similar one on the radio today.

Andy, all friendly and folksy like.  "Naaaint-taiiin'  sexxtay faaahv.... Lotta good thangs came out that year...", trying to hit the nostalgia button with that and Andy Griffith. "This year, like always, we'll have our guaranteed benefits!"

The thrust of the ad -- which has the verbiage "An Important Message From Medicare" and talks about all the goodies they'll get with the "new health care law", which is just around the corner.  "Good things are coming."
  • Free Checkups
  • Lower Perscription Costs
  • Protection for Medicare and "us" from Fraud

For a stronger Medicare.  They know Medicare is popular.   This is just an ad about Medicare, and how it's not going away, and it's going to be stronger, and this new health care law is just a nice extension and enhancement to it.   What are you worried about, grandma?

See, there are a lot of seniors in the Tea Party.  Because most of them are distrustful of socialism, and protective of their grandkids.  Most of 'em know.... TANSTAFL!

They want to blunt backlash against Democrats in this demographic.  Don't think it's gonna work.

Did I mention the ad cost $700,000?  Taxpayer money.  To push more government, and subtly help the Democrats.  Or so they hope.

Update: Loved this comment:
You know, I was opposed to the plan initially.

But after they used my money to fund government advertisements that lie to me to try to persuade me to like something they're going to force me to buy anyhow.

Yeah... still opposed. Weird how that works

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