Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why So Much Ado About O'Donnell?

David Paul Kuhn (there does often seem to be a degree of pretension in people who insist on going by three part names, doesn't there?) asks "Why So Much Ado About Christine O'Donnell"  -- in an article that makes more ado about Christine O'Donnell.

She's so behind in the polls, why are people making such a big deal out of her?

Who, me?  An agenda?

He then goes on to paint her as just another attention whore in reality TV show who is in it for the attention and money.

You know, as opposed to Barbara Boxer who worked so hard for her "title" of "Senator", rather than a respectfully meant, but degradingly taken, "ma'am".  But I digress.

I had a better explanation:
If progressive members of the media (which constitutes the vast majority of the media) can use O'Donell to paint the Tea Party and the candidates they support with a broad brush dipped in O'Donell paint to distract America from the Democrats' agenda of ever-growing government and its accompanying intrusion on everyone's lives & liberty, they will.  Just as they played diversion games to keep America from focusing on Obama.   Change we didn't ask enough questions about.

The media has all kinds of pointed questions about candidates whose ideology opposes theirs, but the focus goes soft on Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Frank, et al.  Meanwhile, it distorts and subjects the smallest details to ridiculous myopia -- or just flat making stuff up about people like Palin and O'Donell,   It has gotten so transparent, it's really hard to see past it.  

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