Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years Later

It was surreal.

I was at work, which was at the time in a basement. I had instant messenger up. My best friend and I live 130 miles apart, and we typically have sort of a sparse, all-day conversation going on. He works at a radio station conglomerate in Kansas City.

Mark: "Oh my God, an airplane just crashed into the World Trade Center."
Me: "Like a little airplane?"
Mark: "No, like a commercial jet. Oh my God, I'm watching it now."
Me: "Crap. That was no accident."
Moments later, he IM'ed me that a second plane just hit. He watched it live.

News sites were locked up. You couldn't get any information without turning on a radio or a TV.

I don't have much to say that I didn't say on this day three years ago.

Except for this:

Virtually every pundit, every expert agreed that we should expect more attacks. It has been 7 years.

There haven't been any in this country.

Thank you, George W. Bush. I mean it.

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