Thursday, September 04, 2008


I haven't watched The Tonight Show in a very long time. It came on after the convention coverage tonight.

I remember Jay from his standup comic days. Always kinda liked him. But he turned me off tonight, and I turned him off.

After leading off with "Obama got beat up by a girl", the rest of the monologue consisted of jokes that mainly repeated the main talking points of the Left. Republicans are nasty, Bush is stupid, Cheney is evil, the McCains are rich, John McCain is old and a fuddy-duddy, and to add to that he equated Obama's months and months of giving speeches to adoring crowds (while being covered by a press practically erotically titilated by his words and giving his acceptance speech on a gaudy stage in a stadium) to Sarah Palin's first big speech last night on a pretty standard convention center floor in front of a huge crowd who didn't know what to expect and before a national television audience (even a world-wide one, really).

Sorry Jay. Won't be tuning you in again anytime soon. It wasn't funny to me. Or probably half of America. See, to for the jokes to be funny one would have to accept that the talking points are obviously true.

It just drove home the magnitude of the machine conservatives are up against.

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