Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Where's Rod Serling?

I saw Obama last night comparing the size of his campaign in staff and budget to the staff and budget of Wasilla, Alaska. Nowhere did he mention that she is governor of the State of Alaska, and compare the staff and budget numbers for her current job. It was almost like "Governor? She is???? You're kidding! When did that happen? Nah! She's the Mayor. Town of 9,000. Small potatoes."

That's probably about the most blatant case of mis-direction (dishonesty) I've seen Obama do, personally. Admittedly, I don't go out of my way to watch the guy.

Glenn Beck threw the numbers for the State of Alaska up there, and, not surprisingly, they dwarfed Obama's numbers by a factor of ... well, over 20 and as much as 40... I don't remember beyond that level of detail, depending on whether you're looking at staff or budget. Either way, it's huge.

Incidentally, what experience did Bill Clinton have before he ran for president? You know, top of the ticket? What was his foriegn policy experience?

And this "red flag" .... er "issue" of whether or not Palin was thoroughly vetted by the McCain campaign before she was picked .... are they nuts? Palin's name came up months ago. I knew about it. Lots of bloggers knew about it. It's not like last wednesday night McCain said "gimme a list of Republican female governors ... oh, who's this?" Come on! McCain's been in politics for 26 years. His campaign staff is fully aware of the amped up nature of the campaign, and that every little detail will be scrutinized. Of course the vetted her throroughly.

So here's what they have on her:
  • She fired a guy she had appointed who didn't fire her ex brother-in-law (after said ex-brother-in-law threatened to kill her father and taze her daughter - oh, and the guy she fired says "no, that's no why she fired me")
  • Her unwed teenage daughter is pregnant
  • She was mayor of a small town (supposedly a bad thing? ... Well she's governor of the freakin' state now, bub!)
  • (this one is bizzare) She's not experienced enough to be VP -- But Obama IS experienced enough to be President.
  • *gasp* - she's a practicing Christian
That seems to be about it. No wonder they're freaked.

I honestly think they're stunned that McCain picked a woman. This is because they believe their own narrative that conservatives think women should be at home, barefoot and pregnant.

They're also shocked and frightened by the fact that there does exist a conservative woman ... from a small town ... who is succesful, has a family, doesn't need government handouts, and is eloquent and attractive. They're also caught flat-footed by the fact that the conservative response has been overwhelmingly positive. Yeah, they're scared sh*tless.

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