Saturday, September 06, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Qualified for the Job?

* 35 years or over. Check.
* Natural born American Citizen. Check.
* Hasn’t served two terms as President. Check.

Maybe there’s something in there about no felonies, but I’ve seen some third party tickets that had some questionable people on them so that might not even be one. Either way, check.

After that it’s a matter of opinion. And isn’t that why we vote? I mean, if qualification was all “fact” based, we could just feed resumes into a computer and it would spit out the “most qualifed” person. No election necessary.

So is Obama technically qualified for the job as well? Yes.

Would I hire him? No.

See, we insist on inspecting things that are important to us, such as Character (which both McCain and Palin have in spades), positions on issues we care about, and effectiveness (I like a candidate who actually takes a “yes” or “no” position on issues — but not being one doesn’t “disqualify” you, technically. However, it does disqualify you from my vote … because my list is longer than the above, and I get to make the list.)

Frankly, I look at her record and she has a lot more concrete one than he does. He's had various job titles, she has a list of actual accomplishments to show for the jobs she's had. To sweeten the deal, they're mostly accomplishments I approve of, and she follows a basic philosophy I approve of.

He has TWO memoirs. And he's only 47. And that speaks volumes (yes, pun intended). You'd think he'd sailed the globe or summited Everest or something, or ended some international feud somewhere in the mideast. Or even the Caribbean. Polynesia?

I don't like him. He's a socialist, and narcissistic self-appointed Messiah. We here in flyover country don't take too well to that type. The first one disqualifies him in my mind, and the second removes any lingering doubt I might have had about my judgement on the first.

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