Thursday, September 04, 2008

CFA - Conservative Female Abuse

I was going to post something on this -- something about how I actually have hope that Palin -- and the situation her nomination has created (which is far bigger than the woman herself) may actually not only bring the reform the Republican Party needs, but the Democratic Party as well.

And I mention that, because -- wouldn't it be nice if the Democratic Party were to wake up and expel the Socialists from the party? Wouldn't that, in fact, make our country safer?

And how better to do it than to hold a mirror up to them that exposes the bitterness and blatant hypocrisy that is at the core of the Progressive Socialist Movement. I think that mirror may just be Sarah Palin.

So I was going to go ahead and point out some of the hypocrisy with a litany of examples. But maybe I should leave that to a conservative female who's better at this than I am anyway. At any rate, she's already done it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Michelle Malkin on CFA. Who is quite familiar with the phenomenon.

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