Thursday, September 18, 2008


As Morgan says, "Not In it For The Attention", mind you ...

I'm not sure how I even got to this site today. Probably the same way I did a few days ago. Accidentally clicked on a link on a site I visit regularly. RCP? Who knows. Anyway, I'd registered and left a comment on an article ... I can't even remember what that was about now.

Anyway, I'm looking at this front page, and I see an article "Environmentalism: An Anti Human Religion" ... something I agree with, so I wanted to see what this guy had to say.

So I read it.

I got to the end and thought... gee that sounded familiar. I started reading it again. It sounded familiar because I'm the one who wrote it. And indeed at the top was a link to my blog.

It turns out it's part my "Official Global Warming Position" post, and the verbiage selected for the splicetoday article is basically a rewrite of an essay I'd written a few years before on an old website of mine.

The introduction to the article was basically complimentary, but I did have to take issue with the suggestion of it being based on "scientifically unsound tenants". Was it the "the earth has never been in a static balance" part? Or was it the examples I gave:

...the planet has changed dramatically, often catastrophically, without any input from humans in the past. Gigantic super-volcano eruptions, asteroids and comets, wobbles in the tilt of the planet, orbital variations, and variations in solar output have all caused massive extinctions, changes in global vegetation, ice, temperature, sea levels, etc over the millennia.

Because those are the only places in the excerpt used that had anything to do with science, and I'll stand by them.

Anyway -- I'm glad to see it out there getting some circulation. If only some of the far-left zealots would recognize what they're doing and rein themselves in -- perhaps the public discourse would settle down to a civil tone.

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