Monday, September 08, 2008

Let's Outlaw Sex!

This is like my mother-in-law's argument that all we need to do to get rid of guns is outlaw the manufacture and sale of ammunition.

That approach has worked so well with drugs, hasn't it? (and never mind that pesky second amendment.)

It's exemplary of Progressive thinking. "X" is bad. Outlaw "X", or anything that might be used for "X".

And today I see another problem and a Progressive solution: Speed Kills. Outlaw Speed. Hmm... well we've already done that. Speed's still killing. Ok, outlaw the manufacture of cars that are capable of speeding.

But unlike drinking, which requires the police, breathalyzers and coercion to improve drivers’ behavior, there’s a simple way to prevent speeding: quit building cars that can exceed the speed limit.

Most cars can travel over 100 miles an hour — an illegal speed in every state. Our continued, deliberate production of potentially law-breaking devices has no real precedent. We regulate all sorts of items to decrease danger to the public, from baby cribs to bicycle helmets. Yet we continue to produce fast cars despite the lives lost, the tens of billions spent treating accident victims, and a good deal of gasoline wasted.

Never mind the idea that more regulation of everything is a good thing. Hell, everyone who has ever died, was conceived. It's simple. If we just outlawed conception, there would eventually be no deaths. None at all!!!! And hey, since it's been shown that sex leads to conception, let's outlaw sex! (and that would be "good for 'The Environment™' too! Everybody wins!)


Class, can anyone think of any reason why having a car that can exceed the maximum speed limit would be a good thing? Anyone? No?

Kid bleeding to death, need to get her to the hospital ASAP? Run across a dangerous situation on the highway while moving at the speed limit, and speeding up would get you out of that situation? Perhaps you would like to race your car on a race track where it's legal (wait, that's only for those gun totin', God clingin' rednecks. I forgot. Y'all get to tell us all what to do, because you've "moved on". You're better than us. You know better. If only we'd do as you say, everything would be all right.)

You percieve "No Need for Speed". That doesn't mean there isn't one.

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