Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something Morgan Knows

The gift of gab. The ability to give a rousing speech. To sell an idea abut something that has little or nothing to do with what that something is. Image advertising. Like say -- "Hope". "Change".

Morgan knows something -- I believe I will have to know it now, too. (My version of Morgan's "Things I Know")

This is something that is good to know.
a good salesman is something you need if the thing you’re trying to sell is a piece of junk.
I have a hunch. A "sneakin' hunch", as my father used to say. And that hunch is that Obama was, indeed, chosen. But not by God. He was chosen by the likes of William Ayres and George Soros to sell America the piece of junk that is transnational socialism. He was chosen for one talent, and one talent only. Salesmanship. It's the only thing he does. He was also chosen as a symbol - Geraldine Ferarro was right. We're constantly being told we're all racists. Most of us resent that, because most of us are not racist. But here, here is a chance to prove once and for all that you're not -- and by the way if you vote the other way it'll prove that you are... as a shiny wrapper for the piece of junk they're trying to get him to sell.

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