Thursday, September 04, 2008


So Lauren Bechkam Faclone of the Boston Globe thinks Sarah Palin's hair is about 20 years out of date.

Yeah. After that speech, she's lookin' at her hair and thinkin' "aaah-I dunno...." I think it was supposed to be somewhat of a "fluff" piece (no pun intended).. but really.

I'll tell ya I was lookin' at her hair. I think her hair looks great! I think she's an extremely attractive woman on multiple levels. I love her hair. I love her glasses. We're the same age, and there's nothing about her that says "desparate" to me. I'm glad she's not going to Washington to impress the press. I hope she keeps the "doo" just to spite them. Aaaand because like I said, I like it. And so do a lot of other guys I know. AND my wife does, too. And she's also over 40.

Changing your hairstyle just because the style establishment thinks it's time is not the change we're looking for.

One of my favorite moments during the speech was when the camera wandered over to little Piper holding Trig, and was un-selfconsiously licking her hand and grooming little Trig's hair. I'm sorry. That. Was. Sweet. Heartstrings tugged. Hard.

I'm sure some of our progressive co-citizens would have us believe that Karl Rove was crouched behind her seat at the convention saying, "pssst! Piper... lick your hand and groom the baby. In 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO! Oh, and by the way, I'm a hate-monger. And I know where Bin Laden is. Just so you know."

I've had women I know flat gushing at me about Sarah yesterday and today. Men, too. I think she's made a splash.

I am hoping she is the reformer she's been made out to be. Even if she's only half the reformer she's been made out to be, the Republican Party may, just may ... redeem itself in my eyes yet.

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