Sunday, September 13, 2009

912 March on Washington

You have got to go check out the pictures and discussion at Malkin's place (ht to Morgan)

There were a LOT of people there.

Glenn was saying the estimate he had gotten at around noon Saturday was around 60,000. He thought there were more, but stuck with the estimate.

I'm beggining to think there were a LOT more. Still looking for other estimates.

Update: Looks like Park Police estimate is about 1.2 million. Wow.

From Larry, who went with me:

On the first photo on Michelle's post, do you see the tower in the middle? That's the tower that surmounts the Old Post Office Building, which is where the NEH is housed. I used to walk along Pennsylvania Avenue to get to work. The crowd in that picture is HUGE. Funny that some leftist bloggers criticized the photo on grounds of the flags at half mast. The flags are still at half mast in honor of the victims of 9-11. On basis of the streaming video and other photos, I'd feel comfortable estimating the marchers at 800,000-one million. Some bloggers are pointing out that when the march was over, there was almost no litter on the streets or National Mall, a sharp contrast to Inauguration Day, which left tons of refuse on the streets. It figures.

Re: the bit about the trash. Knowing what I know about the contrast in the mindsets of the two cultures clashing here, I believe it.

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