Sunday, September 06, 2009

Chalk One Up to the VWRC

Seriously, I want that shirt. Make it a red polo, with VRWC embroidered in black thread where the alligator would go. 'Bout inch high letters. Red shirt for "Red" state. Maybe the word "MEMBER" above it in smaller letters.

At any rate, Glenn Beck did his homework and forced the Van Jones issue last week. He also exposed Mark Lloyd as at the very least a strong communist sympathizer. See, Mark's only espoused and admired communism, he hasn't called anyone an "asshole" on tape yet (well, that we know of) nor can we find his name on any Truther documents. And we haven't seen or heard anywhere where he actually says he's a communist. He just walks like one and talks like one.

Not that he isn't still a communist working as a presidential adviser, and I'd venture a guess it's not to give Obama insight into communism for the purpose of fighting it.

So Van Jones out. Mark Lloyd still in. Not bad for a week's work, though. Looks like that eeeeevil talk radio and Fox News will do the jobs that "Real" American journalists won't. Somebody check their visas.

Wonder if the death threats to Glenn Beck will increase? For all the yowling over Obama threats, Glenn didn't come from a Chicago Politics background and he can't scream "racism".

And yes, he gets them from our oh-so-tolerant, "big tent", inclusive, diversity obsessed progressives.

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