Thursday, September 03, 2009

Walmart Bashing

You know what? I've about had it up to here with this anti-Walmart shit. I mean, I don't really give a damn about Walmart for Walmart's sake. But I shop there all the time because they have a lot of what I need at a decent price, and it's convenient. Not only because it's close, but because you can go there and buy a set of drill bits, some ammo, a shirt, medicine, and lettuce in one stop. Flippin' sue me. Get paint mixed to any color I bring in to sample, and grass seed, and a fine chocolate bar for my wife.

And beer! From Guiness to Sam Adams to PBR and Bud Lite.

No, what really pisses me off is this campaign which was started by labor unions to demonize Walmart because, guess what? Walmart's a big company that doesn't hire union workers.

They're running out all the mom and pop stores and not paying benefits. Oh really? Well the same freakin' progressives that jump on this bandwagon are always harping about people being resistant to "change" and "clinging" to the "old ways". Walmart found a way to be more efficient in the market to bring us low-lifes products at a lower price. Us low-lifes need stuff. Maybe the muckity-mucks can afford to shop at union-only shops that pay their employees a ton more and provide health insurance -- but guess what? The people that worked in the mom and pop shops couldn't, and the mom and pop shops in general didn't pay much or provide insurance either.

And if you work yourself up past part-time employee into anything approaching management in Walmart, guess what? You get benefits. And you've got more opportunity to move up in Walmart than you do at the mom and pop shop.

The latest attack I've seen is a site called ... designed to belittle and ridicule people who shop at Walmart by showing how unstylish and red-necky they are. This is calculated to make you ashamed to shop there.

People who shop at Walmart define diversity. Only it's not politically correct diversity. I've seen my boss's boss there, I've seen people who can hardly afford new shoes. It's the ultimate social cross-section, and yeah, you're going to see people in there you won't see in Von Mauer. But people who can't tolerate so-called "Walmart people" ... well I think it says more about them than it does the Walmart people, and not in a good way.

This from the same people who otherwise push "diversity" ... when they're not trying to belittle the proletariat. Which is really their favorite thing to do... because the Progressives know better -- or they know the people who know better, and they want us to know they know it so we'll look up to them.

I freakin' shop at Walmart. All the time. And I have no problem with it, or the vast majority of the people who shop there. I very rarely see anyone there exhibiting the kind of outlier "freakishness" being portrayed by the anti-Walmarters. And you know what? If they're not being rude and obnoxious (which I've experienced excactly one time in Walmart in the past 30 years) ... I don't have a problem with them.

I'm the multi-cultural one here. I may not be a NASCAR fan, or love country music and riding my three-wheeler through the mud, but I don't have a problem with those folks. If their wives and kids love them, and they're good to them and decent to those around them, if they do their best to pull their own weight and don't demand I pull any of theirs, I'm good with it. I've met and worked with people from all over the world. I'm good with most of them, too -- when they live up to the criteria I layed out there.

The bashers are either in labor unions, or people who have been convinced they can pick up their easy instant moral "cred" with the Anointed by bashing Walmart and its customers. Customers who probably can't afford to shop anywhere but Walmart and are darned glad it's there to shop. Their dwindling dollar goes farther there, and so does mine.

Update: Penn and Teller chime in.


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