Sunday, September 06, 2009

John Birch Race Cops

As I was re-reading that last post, it occurred to me that there are far too many people who would read:
He just walks like one and talks like one.
(referring to Mark Lloyd and "communist") and scream RAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, it turns out Mark Lloyd happens to be black, and I happen not to be, of course setting up the scenario for a RAAAAAAAAAAACIST charge. All I have to do is refer to a non-white with a charge of being something other than something I consider a good quality in a human, and whomp, there it is!
[muppify]Well of course you're talking about race. "Communism" is just a wing-dinger code word for "black". Besides, we all know what you meant when you said "one". RAAAAAACIST!!![/muppify]

Just like the John Birch Society saw communism under every stone, Progressives see RAAAAAACISM behind anything they don't like. And they'll contort logic in unimaginable ways to get there. And they're proud of that ability. It shows their intalektuwolizum.

This works because we let it work, or because too many people let it work.

Next time it happens to you, try this. The normal response to it is to defend yourself -- that's what they want, to put you on the defensive. Their presumption is "well it's just understood" and you're guilty until proven innocent -- which by their rules you never will. Advantage, them.

So next time, instead of defending yourself against an opponent who has thrown logic out the door before entering the room, insist instead that defend their statement so everyone can hear the twisted "logic". Advantage, you.

This speaks to one of Morgan's Things I Know ... #272 and I think perhaps 248 applies as well. It worked with "Fox News Lies".

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