Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe Wilson and Congressional Ettiquette

Huh. I'm still in favor of a brief, sincere apology, but I didn't know about this.

Did you know that every Dem in the senate once booed George W. Bush during an address in 2004, and hissed and said "No" during another in 2005?

Gotta wonder if this has been brought up in the MSM at all.

I was taken aback by this bit in the article, though, as Glenn Thrush muses:
So why the outcry over Wilson?

I think it's because Congressional Republicans have used the health care debate to vent a deeper, uglier contempt for Obama that verges on the personal.

They've done little to discourage the party's fringes from questioning Obama's legitimacy to serve through the birther movement, fitness to govern through the death panel canard -- and even the territorial integrity of the US under a Democratic president through Texas Gov. Rick Perry's flirtation with secession.

Is he seriously suggesting that there wasn't plenty of ugly personal contempt for GW Bush from the Democrats? Really? Does he think we have the attention span of gnats? People on that side of the aisle are so prepared to interpret any opposition or challenge to the man as "personal" (read, "racist").

I can see where one might consider the question of legitimacy to serve might be considered personal, although it wouldn't be considered personal if not for his race. After all, we do have that natural born citizen law for a reason and if we can't verify without raising the spectre of racism, what good is the law?

Other than that, how is any of the rest of that personal? Can we not disagree with this man at all without being dismissed as racists? Death Panel "Canard"? Has this argument not been made intelligently many times whether you agree with it or not? And how is succession "personal"?

This morning Juan Williams, being interviewed on Fox stated without blinking that no one questioned the legitimacy of Bush's presidency. Seriously? I mean, I know they think I'm an ingorant, back woods, racist, idiot. But seriously???

At least a million people marched against the government's massively accelerated power grab under Obama. It's not Obama. It's the power grab.

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